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AccMercado Design Service Provides You with a Better Value Experience

In addition to providing digital accessories product books, we pay more attention to product design. ACCMercado combines product and design to provide you with a better value experience.

3D Product Modeling Design

  • You may need to personalize the product appearance of your own brand. We have a professional European design team to design the product appearance for you.
  • We have the ability to 3D print fast models, so that you can feel the appearance of the product more realistically
  • When you receive our 3D sample and confirm it, we will build the product for you.

Mold Development Capability

  • In China, we have a professional abrasive factory to provide you with accurate mold opening and production
  • Injection molding analysis, using hot runners and standard grinding frames to ensure that the product is opened correctly
  • If you need to open the mold, it will cost extra
  • Once the mold opening and proofing are completed, you will not be able to modify the appearance, please confirm the design accurately when 3D mold opening.

Product Packaging Design and Production

  • ACCMercado has a professional European design team that can design and produce product packaging for you
  • Packaging design, customize your unique packaging
  • Product proofing and confirmation to ensure correctness
  • Confirm production (We ACCMercado has a professional packaging production supplier in China, and has provided product packaging production for more than 500 digital accessories customers)

Marketing Material Design

  • For marketing materials, we also provide related design services
  • Brochure design
  • Graphic design for online platform sales

Shelf Provision and Shelf Design

  • Our ACCMercado provides shelf design for storing digital products, as well as shelf products
  • We have many types of shelves, which can provide you with shelf display effects for different needs
  • Regarding the product supply of shelves, we integrate the production and supply chain of shelves in China
  • Shelf display design

Individual Digital Store Design

  • If you want to open a new digital accessories store, we also provide store design
  • Store Design Services
  • You can tell us the layout, style and budget of the store, we will customize the solution for you
  • Product layout:We will also consider matching relevant in-store products for you
  • Marketing support:At the same time, we also provide related offline marketing support

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