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What is the function of the mobile phone chain?

How to use the mobile phone lanyard or phone strap?

1. What is the function of the mobile phone chain

Mobile phone lanyard, also known as mobile phone chain, is a kind of decoration used with mobile phones. It is usually hung on mobile phones. There are crystal, leather, metal, nylon webbing, nylon webbing, cotton

Webbing, polyester webbing and other materials. So what's the use of a cell phone lanyard?

1). Decorative effect

The shape of the mobile phone is the same. In order to reflect the personalization, the mobile phone will be equipped with accessories such as a mobile phone case or a mobile phone chain, which can play a certain decorative role.

The more options are available.

2). Easy to carry

Use the mobile phone chain to hang the mobile phone on the body or hand, it is more convenient to carry, it is more suitable for the situation without a pocket or a bag to go out, to prevent the mobile phone from being inconvenient to hold in the hand

or bump.

3). Prevent loss

The mobile phone lanyard originated in Japan. In the Edo period, people used to stuff their wallets into their belts.

After the popularity of mobile phones, this jewelry is also used in the field of mobile phones, and various mobile phone chains have been developed. Some long mobile phone chains can be hung on the body to prevent loss.

In fact, the use of mobile phone lanyards is still very wide, in addition to mobile phones, can also be used for CD players, toys, radios, flashlights, game consoles, U disk, mp3,

MP4, learning machine, walkie-talkie, etc., can be used.

2. how to use the mobile phone lanyard

In the past, the mobile phone chain was usually hung in a special lanyard hole. When you open the back cover of the mobile phone, there will be a hole, and you can put the mobile phone lanyard in it.

Now, most of the mobile phones are all-in-one design, and there is basically no lanyard hole, so how to use the mobile phone lanyard?

1). Prepare the mobile phone lanyard and mobile phone, and place the mobile phone, mobile phone case, ring, and lanyard in order.

2). First put the ring on the mobile phone case, and put the mobile phone into the mobile phone case with the ring on. The reason for not using the mobile phone case to cover the mobile phone is that putting the mobile phone first will block the connection of the ring.


3). Then put the rope of the mobile phone lanyard into the ring, and the mobile phone lanyard is assembled.

4). When in use, the mobile phone lanyard can be hung on the neck, on the wrist, or in the belt buckle, which is more convenient to carry and use.
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