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TWS Cases

TWS Cases

What are the advantages of using a TWS case for your bluetooth earphone?

1. The brand new release of high-quality headphones has everyone talking. With a rise in price, these products are making noises for all the wrong reasons. However, individuals still love to buy them as they come with a design that protects the earphones against drop and shock damage. Made out of silicone material, this cover beats other materials in areas such as anti-drop protection and product safety overall. Therefore, when choosing covers for your Bluetooth earphones, make sure to go with the silicone option!

2. The look is beautiful, new and trendy. Not only does the Bluetooth earphone silicone cover have a great anti-drop and shock absorption qualities , but it can also be designed into different colors and shapes according to consumers' preferences, such as dolls, cartoon characters etc., making the Bluetooth headset not only protected by the silicone sleeve, but also good looking . Therefore, Bluetooth headset silicone sleeves are becoming more popular each day

3. The bluetooth earphone silicone sleeve is made of antistatic silicone material, which is environmentally friendly and can protect the earphone from dust, shock, and dropouts. It also has a reserved charging port for easy access to power and a strong rope to prevent accidental falls.

4. Different Styles to Choose From: Bluetooth headset silicone sleeves are cheaper than headphones, but in order to better meet everyone's preferences, merchants continue to design and update the styles and shapes of Bluetooth headset silicone sleeves. After various styles are on the market, trendy people will want a few more styles to choose from.
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