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Phone Lens Protectors

Are phone camera lens protector necessary ? what is the reason?

The lens film is necessary for the following three reasons:

1. To protect the lens. Prevent daily wear and scratches;

2. Reduce the cost of lens maintenance. When the lens is damaged by external force, the lens film plays a protective role to prevent the lens from being seriously damaged;

3. Play the role of waterproof, dustproof and oil proof. In the process of use, it can effectively prevent the lens from being damaged due to personal reasons.

The lens film also needs to be selected for the mobile phone itself. When consumers buy a mobile phone, they should ask the salesperson if they bring their own lens film. Some mobile phones come with a lens film when they leave the factory.

The lens film also needs to be selected according to the lens film manufacturer. When consumers buy lens film, they should carefully screen the material and shape of the lens film itself, and try to choose famous and high-quality products to prevent the situation that the shape of the lens film and the lens are not completely fitted.

The use of lens film protects the lens in most cases, but there are also disadvantages, that is, the film body will have a certain impact on the photo effect. The reason is that the lens film is superimposed by 6 layers of special material films, which play multiple protective functions such as scratch resistance, antifouling, and waterproofing. And one of the 6 layers of film is to restore the pixels. In this regard, the level of the lens film material must determine the imaging effect.
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