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PD Chargers

PD Chargers
The full name of PD is PowerDelivery, which means Power Delivery Management. The PD charging protocol is a power transfer protocol published by the USB-IF organization. USB-Power Delivery can increase the type-c interface to 100W. USB-Power Delivery is one of the mainstream fast charging protocols and a fast charging specification formulated by the USB-IF organization. USB PD increases power delivery through USB cables and connectors, extending cable bus power capabilities in USB applications. This specification enables higher voltages and currents, delivers up to 100 watts of power, and can freely change the direction of power delivery.

PD power adapters generally have two interfaces, USB A interface and USB C interface. From the perspective of function definition, the core function of the PD power adapter is PD fast charging. Entering the era of fast charging, the definition of a power adapter will no longer be as single-function as a traditional power adapter. Different customers will have different logical requirements for multi-port control. In addition, there will be different display methods and control methods. As for functional customization, it is precisely the traditional strength of MCU that can support the diverse needs of customers.

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