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Power Banks

Power Banks

How to choose a power bank that suits you?

At present, the power bank is almost a must-have electronic digital product, but the current power bank model, price, and quality are all uneven, and the selection is also dazzling, and it is impossible to start. So, how can we make ourselves choose a power bank that suits us?

Before I recommend any power banks, I want to make sure everyone has a basic understanding of them. That way, you can not only choose the right one for yourself but also avoid potential pitfalls.

The core of the power bank - the battery

The power source cell in a power bank stores energy like a regular battery would. This is the most integral component to consider when manufacturing these devices, as safety hazards are more likely to occur.

At present, the commonly used batteries on the market can be divided into two categories: 18650 batteries and lithium polymer batteries.

18650 cells: mature technology, low cost and large output. Some Tesla electric cars and heavy laptops use 18650 cells, with a full charge and discharge life of about 500 times.

Polymer batteries: Polymer batteries are a trend in the future. The advantage is that they are small in size and can be made into various shapes, so these batteries are generally used in mobile phones. This kind of battery life will be longer, around 700-800 times.
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