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The Services We Provide for Different Customers

With 20 years of deep experience in the 3c digital industry, we will provide diverse services to different customer groups
  • Consumer Electronics Supermarket Chain
  • Brand Owner
  • Wholesaler

Chain Life Supermarket

If You Are Running Your Own Offline Supermarket Chain:

  • Daily necessities supermarket
  • Electronics supermarket

You may encounter:

The inventory funds of Yahuo are under pressure, including the sales volume of consumer electronics products, whether the price has an advantage, and the introduction of functional products, etc.

We provide you with the following services:

No matter what problems you encounter when running your own supermarket, we have professional service personnel to help you throughout the process, so that your business projects can get satisfactory results.

  • Advertisement Plan
  • Package Design
  • Quality Control
  • Assist in Shipping
  • Customs Clearance Service
  • Delivery
  • Product Customization
  • Selection Service
  • Moq
  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • Festival Event Planning
  • Promotion Planning
  • European Overseas Warehouse
  • Fast Delivery
  • Spot Products

The case of our offline life supermarket

Serving more than 6,000 supermarkets in many European countries, we have helped them succeed with our rich industry experience and reliable product supply chain, and have a good reputation.

Product recommendations we provide

Understand the region where the partners are located, the market demand and customer needs, formulate solutions suitable for them, and provide one-stop considerate service from design and decoration planning to product distribution. It is also very important in product selection.


If You Are a Consumer Electronics Brand Owner, Looking for a Reliable Manufacturer

  • Offline physical store sales
  • Online store sales

You may encounter the following problems:


Finding products in China consumes energy and costs extra labor costs.


Factory screening and factory capacity assessment are labor-intensive.


There are many product categories, many suppliers, different levels of suppliers, and high communication costs.


The cost of packaging design and sample confirmation is high. Packaging style, selection takes time and effort.

How do we solve these problems for you?


In-depth cooperation with 100+ high-quality suppliers, involving more than 10K categories, 100+ new products every month, and finding matching suppliers and products in the fastest time.


Supplier quality assessment, there are quality control processes and standards for different suppliers.


Support third-party inspection


20+ packaging suppliers, from design proofing to physical display, improvement and re-evaluation. Order follow-up, step by step control


Graphic design, product design team, complete 500+SKU design/year


After placing an order for a new product, product pictures and videos will be provided as soon as possible to cooperate with the pre-sale and marketing plan.

Our advantage:

ACC has an annual shipment experience of 10K+SKU, and has the largest export product origin in China: Guangdong and Zhejiang digital consumer electronics product production factories. At the same time, we have professional teams in these two factory areas to provide services.

Related cases that have worked with us

  • Poland

  • Hungary

  • Czech Republic

Brand Owner

If You Have Your Own Consumer Electronics Brand and Want to Break Through Your Own Product Line or Channel

You may encounter the following problems:


Product homogeneity and limitations.


The original supplier cannot provide the latest products in the first time or the products cannot meet the needs of customers.


Products lack serialization, and products without advantages attract customers.


Purchases products no longer have a price advantage, and the cost is getting higher and higher.

How do we solve these problems for you?

Rich series of mobile phone accessories:

We have 100+ suppliers for different series of products, rich in products,

Supply chain and explosive product development capabilities:

There are more than 50+ suppliers with more than 10 years of cooperation experience. They have the ability to independently develop new and explosive products, and quickly open molds and close production according to customer requirements.

New product development capabilities:

There are more than 10 consumer electronics product planners, who regularly design and plan product series according to the needs and changes of customers in various countries.

The production of the supply chain reduces the procurement cost:

The supplier's ultra-large-scale production capacity and ability to control costs have effectively helped us reduce the cost of our products.

Small and medium wholesalers

If You Are a Small and Medium Wholesaler, Looking for a Reliable Supplier.

You may encounter the following problems:


Lack of timely recommendations for hot new products:

You may be having a hard time finding the hottest and new products of the season?


The minimum order quantity is not enough:

It may be that the quantity of moq you placed is not enough to miss the peak sales season of a certain hot style, or the purchase cost is extremely high.


Product packaging design is messy:

Because the minimum packaging moq required by the factory is not met, the packaging is varied and the product packaging colors in the entire store are messy


Inconsistent product quality:

Because there is no direct purchase from the factory, the stalls in the market that lead to product quality problems cannot guarantee after-sales service.


The problem of untimely delivery:

Because the purchase quantity is small, the quantity of each shipment is not enough to meet the requirements of the cabinet release, resulting in high logistics and transportation costs and long delivery times.

How do we solve these problems for you?


New product explosion service:

You may be having a hard time finding the hottest and new products of the season?


MOQ service:

Orders can be placed in small batches with controllable costs.


Product design and packaging services:

Unify the color packaging of 3c digital accessories for you, and the storefront is neatly arranged and beautiful.


Product quality control:

Factory quality assurance, to ensure product quality, and to solve product after-sales problems from time to time.


European spot and LCL services:

ACC provides European spot service, or assists in providing LCL and LCL services, and arrives at the fastest speed, and the freight is within a reasonable and controllable range.

Our Service Process

StartCustomerRequirementCatalogSelectcommunicateAdjust ListconfirmContractProducesend goodsphotosconfirmgoods listconfirmready to shipconfirm withfreight agentdeclare atcustomsshippingReceipt &InspectionMarketfeedback

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