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Do You Know the Three Core Components of Portable Power Station?

Do You Know the Three Core Components of Portable Power Station?

Feb 27,2023
Having a portable and backup power source is a need that everyone should fulfill in order to enjoy a quality life in any situation. Portable power stations emerged as a flexible, practical, and green solution to provide you and your family with energy independence, and resiliency. They provide portable and backup power for emergencies and outdoor adventures, powering lights and electronics, as well as some appliances. So do you know what are the three core components of a portable power supply? Read on to learn more.

Battery and BMS

At present, portable power stations on the market use two types of batteries, one is a ternary lithium-ion battery and the other is a lithium iron phosphate battery. We evaluate battery life and safety factor from two aspects. Lithium-ion battery cycle times 500+, lithium iron phosphate cycle times 2000+. In terms of service life, lithium iron phosphate batteries are even better. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter than lithium-iron phosphate batteries. Both lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are equipped with intelligent BMS control systems to prevent battery overcharge, over-discharge, short circuits, and other protection measures.


There are two main types of inverters, one is a pure sine wave and the other is a modulated wave. The output waveform of a pure sine wave is the same as that of the mains. Strong compatibility, and strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability. Electrical appliances are not easily damaged. The use of precision equipment in the wave repair scheme is likely to cause damage to the equipment, and the compatibility is weak. Not recommended. A good inverter has functions such as overload protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, and undervoltage protection.

The most critical core component of a portable power station is the inverter. When purchasing a mobile power station, important parameters such as the load capacity, waveform, and short-circuit protection of the inverter are mainly considered.

DC Control System

The DC control system is the central controller of the mobile power station, which is responsible for the operation monitoring, and protection of the whole machine. Common mobile power supplies have more than two USB ports, which can charge mobile phones and small digital products. Most of them are equipped with Type_c interface PD60W, mainly for charging Laptop, 12VDC5521 interface, car cigarette lighter interface, mainly responsible for the use of car refrigerators, rice cookers, cameras, lights, and the control system also plays a role in monitoring battery power, usage time and other parameters. A smart portable power station can meet all our daily needs and solve the damage caused by natural disasters such as camping, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

The portable power station is mainly composed of the above three core components. The quality of batteries, inverters, DC control systems, and batteries determines the service life and safety of mobile power supplies. The inverter is responsible for inverting the DC power of the battery into AC power for the load equipment. The DC control system is responsible for the entire control logic, and the DC output meets the daily charging of small digital devices. It can be said that the portable power station is compatible with the charging of all devices on the market, and the solar panel solves the problem of outdoor power consumption, even in harsh environments. Can bring you life protection.

The three core components of the portable power station have been introduced above. If you want to buy a portable power station, please contact us.

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