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Why Do You Prefer Bone Conduction Headphones When Exercising?

Why Do You Prefer Bone Conduction Headphones When Exercising?

May 29,2023
bone-conduction headphones
Whether you're cycling, running, or walking, listening to music while exercising is more fun. However, traditional headphones aren't the best choice for exercising, since you won't hear anything but music. This is where bone conduction headphones work their unique magic and reduce stress for athletes.

These are generally new types of wireless headphones that offer an open listening experience. The earphones don't go over or into your ears, because they rest against your cheekbones and the ear canal is unobstructed so the eardrums aren't affected by sound waves. That said, it's a revolutionary way to listen to music, allowing you to observe the sounds of your surroundings without compromising sound quality or clogging your ear canals.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Immersing yourself in a new playlist or exciting audiobook while biking, running, or even walking is great, but doing so can increase the risk of an accident.

With bone-conduction headphones, you can stay in touch with your work environment, hear your co-workers even while listening to your favorite music, and hear another jogger or cyclist driving up behind you, and hear incoming traffic. Even if you're listening to your own private voice, you can still be aware of your surroundings.

You can tune in to the background sounds of your surroundings, such as a breeze blowing, waves lapping on the shore, birds chirping, and if you're out with your crew, talking to your friends. It was just a soothing moment to blend in with the crowd.

Better Comfort and Snug Fit

Not surprisingly, getting a headphone that fits perfectly is challenging. You might have trouble with some of these unless you're lucky enough to have your ears shaped for your headphones.

Lightweight, wireless bone conduction headphones are comfortable enough for effortless workouts. If you're into cycling training, you'll never be annoyed with sore ears or sweaty ears. Your ears and ear canals are unaffected as they stay on your cheekbones, saving you from all this discomfort.

Plus, since the earphones fit snugly against your face, they'll stay in place as you move around, and you won't be interrupted while you're having a great bike session, doing chores, exercising, or anything else.

Eardrum Safety

With unique technology, headphones such as ACC Mercado have better sound performance than other bone-conduction headphones, bringing you a better auditory feast.

Bone conduction headphones offer more protection than traditional earplugs that sit in the ear canal. But the most important thing you can do to protect your ears, whether you're wearing traditional headphones or bone conduction headphones, is to not play music at loud volumes.

Even if you don't ride a bike or scooter, bone-conduction headphones are great for walking, running, and hiking.

No More Earwax

You probably don't want to know how bad your current headphones are! In fact, the tiny frames of earbuds can contain a lot of invisible dirt and bacteria. Getting these germ-laden devices in your ears can be harmful as it can lead to allergic reactions and even ear infections.

Not only can earplugs lead to ear infections, but they can also lead to earwax buildup. Earwax is good for your ears, but earplugs can trap wax in your ears and negatively affect your hearing.

That said, use bone conduction headphones that don't enter any part of the device in the ear, and prevent ear infections and unsightly wax buildup. Thanks to these unique technologies, your ears will remain more hygienic and germ-free.

Easy Wireless Connection

Since you're annoyed at spending a lot of time untangling headphone cables, bone-conduction headphones are a great option because they're completely wireless.

Excellent Waterproof Function

Bone conduction headphones can work hard while you work out high-intensity workouts or bike all day and relax to music. Even if you know you're sweating more, you can rest assured that your bone conduction earphones prevent sweating, so they're less likely to break.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

In terms of battery capacity, the battery life of bone conduction headphones is quite long, and the battery capacity is also very large. With such a large battery capacity, you don't need to worry about charging every other day, and you can still complete the entire journey on a single charge. In addition to this, these usually offer lithium polymer batteries that only require an hour of fast charging.

Long story short, everyone has different preferences and life experiences. Some people prefer bone-conduction headphones, while others prefer to keep traditional headphones. No matter which material you choose, protecting your hearing is critical!

For traditional headphones and bone conduction headphones, if you want to have clear ears in the long run, make sure to avoid prolonged exposure to high volume. And, once you try bone-conduction headphones, you may never go back to traditional headphones! If you are looking for bone-conduction headphones, welcome to contact us.

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