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Why Join Us As Our Distributor?

Why Join Us As Our Distributor?

Update Time:2023/1/8

Why Join Us As Our Distributor?

Supply chain price advantage

  • We have integrated a strong supply chain system to provide the best quality 3C digital accessories products,
  • The intermediate price difference is completely omitted, which is equivalent to one-to-one market sales, allowing agents to create the highest profit value in the market, and at the same time allowing consumers to enjoy the thrill of value for money.

Custom design service

  • Product customization:material design + product customization
  • Advertising planning:advertising design planning and marketing material planning
  • Packaging design:from style to details, packaging materials

Brand scale effect

  • ACC brand effect, we have our own brands in many countries,
  • Brand image and promotion
  • Professional marketing and sales team support

Operation and management guidance

  • Product management and display guidance
  • One-on-one professional guidance product knowledge and sales skills training

Logistics Service

  • Consolidation service, logistics (customs declaration, customs clearance, door-to-door) service

Spot overseas warehouse support

  • Europe (Spain) (Italy) (Czech Republic) (Poland) We have our own overseas warehouses, and some products can be shipped quickly
  • We have experience in building overseas warehouses, and can also assist you in building warehouse management services in your own region.

Offline team experience in Europeancountries

  • We have our own offline service teams in Europe (Spain) (Italy) (Czech Republic) (Poland). 2. We can copy the distribution experience of excellent local offline stores.

Event support

  • The company continuously dispatches marketing specialists to assist customers in marketing
  • Explosive models, mainstream models to create plans to help partners occupy market share and become industry benchmarks
  • Regular marketing activities to comprehensively help partners strive for more sales (such as New Year's Day/Spring Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/National Day/Christmas activities)

How Can We Help You Grow?

How Can We Help You Grow?

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