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What support can you get after becoming our agent?

What support can you get after becoming our agent?

Update Time:2023/1/8

What support can you get after becoming our agent?

What support can you get after becoming our agent?

1. We provide a full range of consumer electronics product service support

    1). Product Design: Consumer Electronics, Small Household Appliances, Outdoor Products, Kitchen Products, Gadgets, etc.
    2). Packaging design: plastic packaging, color box installation, transparent packaging, gift box packaging, sample display packaging, display racks, etc.
   3). Marketing activities planning: advertising design, advertising materials production, light boxes, X display racks, roll-up banners, etc.
   4). Advertising design for marketing activities, material production, DM leaflet design, etc.
   5). Flexible logistics service, fob, cif, door to door, etc.

2. We have more than 10 brands to choose from
    With its own brand, it has been operating and promoting in the European market for more than 15 years. You can choose our brand and save many things in brand operation. Directly own the exclusive license right to use in your market. And has the brand reputation of our brand in the European market.
    can refer to

3. Provide different product customization according to different customers

    1). You have a new idea about market demand. In your market, the difficulties encountered by consumers, you have good ideas, have good suggestions for product improvement, want to add new functions, or want to make a new product to solve this problem, and at the same time develop new ones Market, build better relationship with old customers. Then, contact us. From product design, 3D modeling and simulation, rapid prototyping samples, circuit design, plastic parts, hardware parts, performance testing, product certification, small batch production, mass production, quality control plan, we will do it for you. Of course, you can also participate in it according to your own situation and complete what you can. If you have your own injection molding machine, you can find local workers to assemble it for you, or if you just started your business and want to own second-hand equipment to complete the processing of parts, we can provide you with a perfect solution.
       you can refer to

    2). If you have ideas about festival activities and want to plan a festival-specific marketing activity, please contact us. We will assist you to realize your ideas. From advertising design, product matching, gift matching, to the production of advertising materials. We have a wealth of event planning experience in our own market, which we can share with you.

    3). You have ideas about new functions of the product. If your competitor’s product has new functions, or you have thought of new functional requirements in advance, please tell us and let us assist you. From modeling, mold modification, proofing test can be completely entrusted to us to complete.

    4). You already have product design drawings and want to test the market. If you have the ability to design yourself, give us your drawings and let us turn your design drawings into products. We have advanced auxiliary design software that can help you make your own products. Through the data analysis in the early stage, some design defects can be avoided, and the product can be perfected from the drawing to the real sample.

    5). You have the reference product and want to make some changes and improvements. We can achieve perfect replication through our reverse engineering experience, and combine our experience and market feedback to further enhance and improve the product. Contact us and let us assist you in realizing your exciting ideas.

4. Provision of goods and financial support under credit
    It is a long process from placing an order to delivering the product to the terminal store and selling it. This lengthy process can cost you your best chances of gaining access to the market. At the same time, this long process adds more uncertainties and risks to your business. The sooner you occupy the market, the more chance you have to make more profits. According to your channel resources and market experience, we can provide you with the expenditure you need, allowing you to occupy the market faster. Of course, we may examine your market, understand your integrity, and understand your ability to grasp the market.
    Based on your integrity, ability and resource channels, we can work together with you to let you develop and expand your market as soon as possible.
    What are you waiting for, tell us your story and your thoughts. Let your business start a new journey from now on.
    here you can see our 

5. We can help you open channels, expand markets, and become a big boss.
    We can visit your market in person and work with you to promote the development of the market. From advertising design, marketing planning, customer development introduction, customer training, market planning, festival activity design and planning.
    We have more than 15 years of experience in operating the European market and the Chinese market to help you open the market faster.

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